Chickpea powered: A simple, low cost & healthy meal

I’m often posting photos of my favourite meals or latest recipes I’m trialing or inventing through the Spriggs Nutrition Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages. So I thought I’d start to post up the recipes so you can give them a go to, and let me know what you think. Recently I posted this chickpea mashup and I can’t stop eating it!!

Baked Sweet Potato with no tuna, chickpea filling, let me explain!

I switched to being plant powered several years ago, but I still get asked, “you still eat fish though, don’t you?” In short, no, I don’t eat any meat or fish, which means no tuna mayo, a stalwart of sandwich or jacket potato fillings. There are plenty of great veggie filling options, but until recently hadn’t found a good alternative to tuna mayo. This mix of ingredients, however, is a low cost, tasty healthy plant powered option to use in sandwiches or wraps as well as my favourite a baked sweet potato.

What goes in?

To make 2 portions of the mix:

1x tin = approx 240g (drained weight) Chickpeas, thoroughly rinsed & lightly mashed

3x spring onions finely sliced (can use 1/2 a small red onion if you prefer)

1-2x diced sticks of celery

2x diced gherkins

2x tsp dijon mustard

2x tsp tahini

Ground black pepper to taste.

For some extra crunch, you could add some sunflower seeds which are rich in Vitamin E (great source of antioxidants and great for healthy skin).

What to do:

Lightly mash the chickpeas in a bowl using a potato masher or a fork, chop up the onion, celery and gherkin and mix in, as well as mustard, tahini, black pepper and option seeds. It’s that simple, takes just a few minutes and ready to go. My sweet potato here was baked in a 200°C oven for around 30-40minutes, I rub a little organic olive oil on a washed potato with some seasoning and smoked paprika for some added flavour then cut open and a generous serving of the mix.
Per serving inc 1x sweet potato, this is approx:

kCals: 294

Protein: 10.3g

Fat: 5.3g

Carbs: 42g

I also estimate this cost approx £1.0o per serving, a sweet potato is approx 35p, 1/2 tin of chickpeas 25p, the onion, celery and gherkin are maybe 10p each the rest I have in the cupboard/fridge anyway.


It keeps me full all afternoon if I have it for lunch, the complex carbs of a sweet potato with skin also limit any blood sugar spike and is nutrient rich and most of all tasty!

If you want to know more about Spriggs Nutrition and how we use food to support health status, whether you have long-standing health complaints or just want to eat a little better feel free to contact us, we offer a free 20 minute consultation either in person or by phone/Skype to see if we can help.

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