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So whilst we should be entering Spring today with lots of bright colours starting to emerge, we’re in the midst of a particularly cold snap that is taking it’s toll on most of the UK. So to brighten things up, here is a quick, warming, nutritious soup that I love to make all year round but it is very welcome today! This is my take on a veggie stacked Ramen noodle soup and makes approx 4 small starter or 2 main portions – you could easily add some cooked chicken to it if you prefer:

First up, pop in a large saucepan with 1 tsp of coconut oil;

1x large white onion chopped in to large pieces

1x large garlic clove (I used smoked garlic as happened to have some!)

1x inch of root ginger grated/finely diced

1x red chilli finely diced

Pop on the hob, let it cook down a little stirring occasionally….

     Turns into >     


….then add;

1x large thinly sliced carrot – I go for a nice diagonal slice to make it fancy!

2x sticks of celery either diced or sliced diagonally

4x baby corn sliced


Time to spice it up – if you want it hotter add some chili flakes:

1-2tsp x Chinese five spice mix or approx 1/2tsp cinnamon, 1/2tsp star anise, 1/4tsp fennel, 1/4tsp black or szechuan pepper, small sprinkle of ground cloves

1x tsp ground coriander seed


Next up, more veg:

2x large flat mushrooms chopped in to large (approx 8) pieces

1x bell pepper (I used red to mix up the colours)

If you wanted this would be a good time to add some leftover roast chicken for example.

Now for the liquid:

I used 2x miso soup paste sachets mixed into approx 1pint of filtered boiled water, I like the ClearSpring Organic Brown Rice miso paste which comes in a jar or sachets which can be a great store cupboard essential. – sorry the steam sent the photo a bit blurry!

I start with approx 1 pint and then add more water to cover the veg.

Then I added 200g of thick udon noodles, but you can use different types of noodles the thick ones are great but thinner rice noodles and edamame noodles are also great.

Also pop in a handful of chopped fresh coriander leaf.

  Noodle time > 

Grubs up:

Ladle out carefully into a bowl and dig in, I like to pop some sliced spring onion and more fresh coriander leaf to garnish. Enjoy!

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