Keeping Healthy at Christmas

Keeping healthy at Christmas can be difficult for a number of reasons. Christmas is a special time of year for a lot of people and it means different things to different people. To me and my family, Christmas is a time for us to get together and spend time relaxing, recharging, reflecting on the past year and planning the year ahead. This year, there will be a huge amount to reflect upon and even more to plan ahead. Keeping healthy at Christmas is of significant importance and we want to offer some simple suggestions to make it as easy as possible.

What we feel is key for us all to remember over the Christmas and New Year break, is that your health is the most important thing you have, without it, we have nothing. So, while relaxing and unwinding from the past year of stress, we must all remember that our health can be effected as a result of the choices we make over the Christmas period. This includes the food and drinks we consume, along with the amount of exercise we participate in. For information about keeping moving over the festive period check out the corresponding Spriggs Chiropractic blog.

The What, When & How?

There is plenty of temptation around at this time of year, anywhere from home, to the office and Christmas fairs and parties with chocolates, mince pies and a few celebratory drinks. Our golden rule is about moderation and finding that balance between relaxing, having fun but equally not feeling as though we’ve been ten round with Mike Tyson come the 2nd of Jan!

We’ll be posting some healthier options to eat and drink over the festive period, as well as a snapshot of what we’re eating, but here are some quick tips around eating and drinking this Christmas & New Year:

What to eat?

As families, we all have traditions about things we eat over the festive period, the full works of turkey, oodles of veg, pigs in blankets and stuffing will adorn many tables in 3 weeks time. Try and use the guide of 50% non starchy veg so broccoli, sprouts, peas etc, 25% root veg or grains – roast potatoes, parsnips etc, 25% protein whether that be plant or animal based, with condiments etc as an added extra – using lots of herb and spices to add extra interest to roasted veg is great.

Snacks are everywhere at this time of year, both sweet and savory, try having plenty of chopped raw veg on hand for dips so it’s not all crisps. As for chocolate and mince pies, well it’s back to the 80/20 rule, enjoy but balance it out by going out for a nice brisk walk.

When it comes to drinks over the festive period, there is plenty to choose from, we’d suggest always making sure water is in the mix will pay dividends! Have a big jug of water with refreshing lemon, limes, cucumber and herbs like basil on the dinner table to have a glass of in between alcoholic drinks will help keep you hydrated.

How to eat? 

This time of year, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, is a time for most to be with family, friends and those close to us. With busy lives we tend to have less and less time to sit down as a family and share a meal without the distraction of TV, phones or computers, so whilst the temptation is there to play with our new toys and gadgets save them for the rest of the day and enjoy spending time together. It’s also a time to remember not everyone has someone to share the day with, if you know of someone who lives nearby who lives alone, why not invite them over for a meal over Christmas?

When to eat?

Our usual day to day routines tend to go out the window at Christmas time, with snacks, chocolates and treats around it’s easy to graze your way through days at home. However, here are a few tips: 1) always have breakfast, this helps set you up for the day 2) take time to eat your meals, chew your food and if you still feel hungry after you’ve finished, try waiting 20 minutes before going back for seconds, on average it takes this long for your brain to receive all the signals telling it, you’re full. 3) Avoid eating too close to going to bedtime, a full stomach can lead to a restless nights sleep.

Coming in 2018…..

We have some exciting plans for January including a special offer for A New Year, A New You, where you can have a full overview with both Nutrition and Chiropractic assessments at a great offer price – details will be up on social media platforms and in the clinic asap. In addition to this, we are REALLY excited to be a part of the Health and Fitness Retreats run by Nightingale Fitness, this first one is 12th – 15th January, if you want more details check out the link above or get in touch.


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