Raising Wellbeing Warriors

I loved contributing the nutrition section to the free online Raising Wellbeing Warriors programme with the Corn Exchange in Newbury this summer. For those of you that joined the programme and in particular, the session on Tuesday 25th August below you will find a link to the resources I mentioned.

Common challenges for families around food can include fussy eaters, tantrums or refusal to eat making meal times stressful for all, having time to prepare and sit down to eat meals. Never mind when it comes to eating away from home such as school meals, birthday parties or tackling a meal out! Kids have varying nutrient requirements as they grow but also depending on other factors such as overall health, activity levels, stress and emotional health. Trying to keep things simple, whilst engaging kids in food, can be helpful to develop the foundations of a positive relationship with food. Remember kids copy and are more perceptive that we give them credit for sometimes, they see adults or older siblings eating (or not eating!) certain foods it makes sense they will develop similar habits, whether they be good or not!


Children’s Nutrition Information:


Downloadable Resources:

Budget Cooking & Recipes Resources:

If you want to know more about supporting your child’s wellbeing through nutrition and would like to talk to us, please get in touch, via our Contact Us section. Also do keep an eye out for more online course available via the Corn Exchange Newbury, we’re so lucky to have such a fantastic organisation here in Newbury!

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