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Blogs have a variety of reasons behind them. For us, we want to use this as a platform to keep you up to date with what is happening here at Spriggs Nutrition. As well as in the world of nutrition and help dispel some myths around nutrition. Blog topics will often coincide with our free health talks we regularly hold at the clinic discussing topics such as:

  • Headaches & Migraines.
  • Good & Bad Fats.
  • Optimising bone health.
  • Boosting your Immunity.
  • Surviving the Festive Season.

For more information about when these are happening, LIKE our Facebook page, follow our Twitter and Instagram feeds or email hello@spriggsnutrition.co.uk for the latest information and dates.

We are excited to be offering nutrition support at the Spriggs Chiropractic clinic meaning all new and existing patients at the clinic have access to fully trained and accredited nutrition professionals. However, you don’t have to be using the chiropractic services, anyone is welcome to book a nutrition appointment. To see if our nutrition or chiropractic services are right for you, we offer a free 20 minute mini consultation. So contact us today to start your journey back to optimal health.

This collaborative approach is key to how we work as a clinic. We offer several services from medical imaging and functional laboratory testing to spinal manipulation and personalised nutrition plans. We also see value in looking beyond our own scope of practice, and have actively sought out other local practitioners and business to ensure we can provide you with trusted recommendations so that you can receive the most appropriate care and support for you as an individual.

The body is the wondrous collection of systems and micro-organisms that can withstand a huge amount. However, like anything that is important to us, it is vital to look after and nurture it. This includes the fuel we put in our body, how we sleep and move, our emotional and physical well being and ability to deal with and manage stress among many other factors. Whilst we can work with you to support a number of these elements, a full collaborative approach can provide you with even more resources. For more information about some of the great people we work take a look here. Some of these practitioners will also feature in spotlight blogs, stay tuned! We also look to work with your existing healthcare team including your GP with your permission to ensure you have the most appropriate care from all parties.

Our clinic is open 6 days a week with appointments from 8am until 8pm and centrally located in Newbury, West Berkshire. There is ample parking nearby, the closest being Pelican Lane car park to the rear of the clinic.

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